Polish courses online

    Polish courses online - personalized lessons

    We can offer you both individual lessons ("one-to-one") and an individually designed group course. The prerequisite is that everyone in the group should have the same level of Polish.
    We want to meet your specific expectations, so you can decide for yourself about the date, the duration and the intensity of the course (the number of hours per week).
    The prices for one-to-one lessons are:

    21 € / 60 minutes
    30 € / 90 minutes.

    The prices of the individually designed group courses are set individually, and depend on the number of participants and the intensity of the course.

    Polish courses online – intensive one-week group courses

     One-week group course starts every Monday. The price for a one-week course is 150 euros. The number of hours (lessons) depends on the size of the group. One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

    Number of people in the group Number of lessons per day Total number of lessons
     1  2  10
     2 - 4  3  15
     5 - 7  4  20

    Polish courses online – semester courses

    • Classes take place in the afternoon, with each meeting lasting 90 minutes and taking place twice a week. So you can make your Polish lessons fit in with your work or studies.
    • The price is 250 euros per semester. You can pay the course fee in installments. When paying in installments, the first installment (150 euros) is due before the start of the course and the second installment (100 euros) by the 10th meeting.
    • For beginners and advanced
    • The course takes place in small groups (2 to 6 people).
    • The course begins when there are enough participants to form a group.

    Number of people in the group Number of lessons* per semester Semester duration
     2  34  8,5 weeks
     3  48 12 weeks
     4 and more  56  14 weeks

    *1 lesson = 45 minutes

    We will be very happy if you choose our Polish course!


    You can register for each type of the course by email (info@polnischkurse.org) or by phone (+48126383670, +48518158901).

    Polish courses - our focus

    Two-week courses in Polish language and culture were offered for the first time in 1997. Having these 25 years of experience in the implementation of Polish courses allows us to guarantee high quality. In order to meet the high demand, we have expanded our offer to include online Polish courses.

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