Fees 2024


The fee does not include: accomodation (see: Accommodation and meals), travel to Krakow (see: Travel tips), travel/health insurance, meals, bank fees. 





Normal price

Students / unemployed up to the age of 26

Two-weeks course

first course

380 €

350 €

following course*

330 €

320 €

An additional week of course (in addition to a regular two-week course)

180 €

One-week course

250 €

Additional lessons (does not apply to the individual course)

one lesson

(45 min.)

21 €


After the registration, about 8 weeks before the beginning of the course, all course participants receive an information letter in which they are asked to make a deposit of  €70, 3 weeks before the course starts at the latest. The deposit is 
non-refundable. In case of withdrawal from the course at least 14 days before it starts, the deposit can be credited towards a later course, for which the participant may register later. In case of withdrawal within less than 14 days before the course, the deposit will not be credited towards later courses.

The rest of the course fee can be transferred to our bank account before the arrival in Cracow. It can also be paid in cash on the first day of the course ( only in polish cash). Please note that all the fees are in Euros. 




*The reduced fee applies to:

  1. Participants who register for at least two consecutive two-week sessions; the reduced fee applies to the second and following sessions;
  2. All the persons who have participated (regardless of the date) in at least two 2-week course sessions at our school in the past.
The participants who wish to request a reduced fee on the basis of the fulfillment of the abovementioned conditions, as well as students or the unemployed up to the age of 26, should indicate this information in their registration form and present a suitable document (e.g. a student ID card) upon their arrival in Cracow.


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