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Student's testimonials



In the summer of 2019 I took part in a Polish summer course of the International School of Polish Language for fourteen days and was more than satisfied with the offer of the school.
The quality of the lessons impressed me very much, I immediately sensed that this was professional instruction. The tone of the teaching staff and the administration with the students remained always friendly humorous and yet committed. If someone needed advice or help, he was never left alone.
There were recreational activities organized almost daily by the school, which helped us to get in contact with each other better. We were a manageable group with about 11 participants, so that no sense of mass clearance came up.
My accommodation consisted of a simply furnished room that was perfectly adequate for the purpose.
I felt very well in Krakow and will definitely be back soon. Thank you for everything.
Greetings from Berlin
Reinhard S.
What can I say? But the best rating is that I intend to return next year to reach A1.3.
Course: *****
Employee *****
Service *****
Supporting program *****
Biscuits 😊 *****
Total *****
Until next year,
Kurt E.

 SUMMER 2017

"I expected to be able to talk a lot in Polish so I can have a little conversation. It worked."

Gabi, Germany


 "The course was very good, the teaching excellent. The amount of German took a bit of getting used to, especially on the optional cultural programme, as I had not signed up for any German,  but to the School of Polish Language and Culture. But after the initial shock wore off, I had a great time and learned a lot. The guided introduction to the old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, was particularly enjoyable. I would warmly recommend the teachers Justyna Stańkowska and Magdalena Kowalska to any beginner interested in learning Polish."

Brian, Helsinki


"I've now done 2 two week courses and feel that my Polish improved each time. The staff are always very helpful, and the opportunity to stay locally in an apartment where Polish was the 'working language' only added to the experience. Krakow of course is a great place to visit."

Howard, Scotland


"I expected to enjoy in Krakow and learn some Polish and that's what I got!"

Sanja, Croatia


"Having tea & coffee in the classes was very nice! The teachers & everyone in the office so friendly & helpful - thank you so much!!"

Marianna, UK


"Kraków is a beautiful city and this was a unique way of visiting the city. The course introduced me to the basics of the language, through an excellent teacher. It then gave me the opportunity to meet new people and explore the city like a local.

Thank you again for a wonderful 2 week programme!!"

Kirsten, Scotland


"Great course, wonderful staff + excellent learning atmosphere".

Kristina, Australia



"My only regret about taking part in the Polish course offered by the International School of Polish Language and Culture in Krakow is that I only stayed for one week instead of the full two week programme. The school was very careful in assessing students'  Polish language abilities in order to place them in the right class.  The teachers were professional, friendly and helpful, and even though I was there for just one week, I learned quite a bit because lessons were very well prepared, taking into account the needs of the students.  The office staff were lovely, and very patient with me with all the questions I emailed them with in the run-up to arriving in Krakow.  
The interesting cultural programme included an evening Polish dance workshop which was great fun!
Krakow itself is a wonderful, beautiful city with so much to see and do.  I absolutely loved my week there and I am definitely returning within the next year - this time, for the whole two weeks!"

Barbara (UK)


  "I loved my two week stay in the beautiful city of Kraków. The course was great. All the teachers were very friendly and took the time to answer all my questions.

The culture trips were fantastic. Trips to Zakopane, Wieliczka Salt Mine, guided tours through Kraków and Kazimierz & also the option for a day trip to Auschwitz.
I improved my Polish Language immensely over the two weeks. Learning in the classroom and using the language outside of the classroom.
I met some new friends who all had the same aim as I did - To improve their Polish language!
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Polish."
Mark (UK)


My partner and I spent 10 amazing weeks living in Krakow and learning Polish. Our accomodation provided by the school was perfect, It was only 5 minutes away from the center of town. The course was amazing, our two teachers were so helpful and patient with us. They adapted the lessons to suit our interests, which made learning exciting and fun. We were amazed at the progress we made during the course and the skills we learnt  have enabled us to continue learning everyday. The office staff were super helpful when we ran into some trouble with our visa and they went above and beyond what they needed to do, to make sure that everything was explained to us. It might take me a few more times to become fluent in Polish but every time I come back to Poland, my first stop will be this school.

Shaun (New Zealand)


  I studied with the School of Polish Language and Culture for 4 weeks, on their A1 course. I was a complete beginner before starting my studies and felt that I learned a lot of language during my 4 week course. There was plenty of chance to practice speaking and listening and the teacher gave homework after every lesson, so you felt able to continue learning in the evenings too. The one thing I was worried about was trying to learn the grammar, but our teacher's careful explanation of rules, combined with the use of focused written exercises really helped me to feel that I was slowly getting to grips with it. I know I've got a long language learning journey ahead of me, and if I have the time next year I will definitely be back for another course! The office staff were really helpful too and all of our questions were answered quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, my husband and I stayed with a delightful host lady who really made an effort to make us feel welcome. All together, a fantastic experience!

Vicky (UK)



An excellent way to learn polish! The teachers take the time to personalize the course to the need of the student and the classes are not crowded. You actually have to make an effort to have nothing to do. Almost every evening, there is an activity that let you explore Krakow. Speaking of which, Krakow is a wonderful city to study in. Lots of little cafés (I like Café Siesta), good beers (check out House of Beer) and a variety of restaurants (even vegetarian, like Chimera) to accommodate all tastes. Since everything you need will be in the Rynek (downtown) or in Kazimierz (15 min by foot from downtown), you can see everything just by walking. I've been learning polish for the past 4 years (it is a rather difficult language) and my vacation/school in Krakow have been among the best I've had. I am sure that anyone will enjoy their stay. Cheers!
Marc-Alexandre (Canada)

This was my second language course and it was a great way to build upon what I already learnt.  In fact, I gained enough confidence that I was actually able to deliver some of my wedding speech one week later in Polish. Thank you ISPLC for making my stay so enjoyable!

Robert (UK)


  Up to now have attended the International School of Language and Culture in Krakow four times. I have found the courses well organized and tailored to individuals` learning needs. Students are taught in a relaxed atmosphere, among friendly people who are there to facilitate learning and to offer lots of encouragement. Although the Polish language can be challenging at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed each course and I am planning to attend next year. Also Iove Krakow!!!

Angharad (UK)
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