Welcome to the Website of the Polish-German Academic Society

Polish-German Academic Society (Polsko-Niemieckie Towarzystwo Akademickie - PNTA), based in Cracow, was founded in May 1993. Its executive committee consists of young academics from the Jagiellonian University, while its members are largely former Polish and German PTNA grant-holders. It has a partner association, Deutsch-Polnische Akademische Gesellschaft e.V., which was founded in Kiel in April 1996, the inspiration of former German PTNA grant-holders.

The Society has the following statutory aims:

 promoting scholarship as well as academic and educational exchange and cooperation between Poland and Germany and other countries; 
 contributing to learning the language, country and culture and to the development of contacts and cultural exchange between people of Poland and Germany and other countries;
 contributing to strengthening ties between the Polish nation and other European nations and supporting European integration.


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