Individually arranged courses

Individually arranged courses

In addition to our regular two-week sessions, we offer individually arranged courses for groups or individuals at any time of the year. If none of our regular sessions suit you or you would like to learn Polish individually this offer is for you.

Individual and group courses   

We can provide both one-on-one, individualized instruction and individually arranged group instruction. You may register a group as a whole if all the participants have the same level of Polish language proficiency. It is also essential that the entire group has similar expectations concerning the material and the subjects that will be taught during the course.

Of course the level of instruction will be adjusted to your needs or those of the group. We are also open to your suggestions concerning vocabulary and subjects covered; here, too we are willing to accommodate your needs and expectations.   

Dates, duration, and intensity of individualized courses 

You are free to choose dates, duration and intensity (number of lessons per day) of an individually arranged course. Lessons can start on any working day. The only limitation: the minimum length of the course includes ten forty-five classes.     

Course fee 

one lesson (45 minutes)

first course

18 €

following course

16 €


On request we offer two types of accommodation during the course: a single room or a separate apartment.

a single room

first week

120 €


every following week

80 €


an additional day

15 €

a separate flat  

first week

220 €


every following week

180 €


an additional day

30 €

Of course, you are also free to arrange accommodations in Cracow independently of the school. We can also help you make a hotel reservation. If you choose this option, please inform us about it as early as possible, since Krakow is popular with travellers, and it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable room at a reasonable price for a period longer than a few days.

How to apply?   

Data which You schould give in the application, are listed in the section Registration. In addition to the information requested there, please indicate preferred dates (from - to), intensity of the course (number of lessons daily), (if applicable) number of persons in a group and the preffered course topics.  

Cultural program   

Please consult the Cultural program page for the regular two-week sessions. We can offer most of the components listed there, and other options depending on your interest, but since individually arranged courses do not constitute a package (as regular two-week sessions do), there will be additional charges.

If you participate in an individually arranged course during a time period when our regular sessions take place, you will be able to participate in the regular cultural program at a modest fee.

We will also gladly advise you about cultural events in Cracow and help you plan your free time in Cracow.

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